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Arboretum, a place for trees. Trees have a very special place in my life.  From scrambling up them as a kid, becoming a steed to carry me on adventure or a ship to trawl the oceans of dreaming.  To their shade under which to read or simply ponder.  Those giants of form that hold the imagination. Imbued with spirit from time immemorial.  Sacred groves to focus the intention and attention. Ancient woodlands that once strode across the landscape, now much reduced and in places simply a few solitary trees standing as sentinels to guard our very nature.  From Enid Blytons The Magic Faraway Tree, to Tolkiens Ents of Lord of the Rings, inspiring tales of other worldliness.  There is much myth and lore associated with trees and flora, from times where it was a verbal tradition of knowing through to the written word and now available on the internet.  In 2020 there was a painting of trees that was not to be denied, further explorations of what they mean to me.  Feeling and learning how their forms are shaped.  Once painted, feeling how they may bring insights when I simply allow.

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