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Exhibitions and Certificates

Exhibitions 2024

June 15th to July 13th 2024. Another Badger in the Wall exhibition. Badger in the Wall Gallery. Clapham. N.Yorkshire.

June 14th to June 23rd 2024. World of Dance exhibition. HIVEArts. Blackpool.

June 14th to June 23rd 2024.  Clitheroe Arts Festival. Platform Gallery Clitheroe.


June 6th to June 12th 2024.  Pride and the History of the Drag Artist. HIVEArts, Blackpool.

May 4th to June 1st 2024.  'New Beginnings' exhibition.  Badger in the Wall Gallery. Clapham. N.Yorkshire

January 9th to February 9th 2024. Garstang and District Open Exhibition.  Garstang.

November 15th 2023 to January 20th 2024HiveArts Winter Exhibition  HiveArts Blackpool.

November 4th 2023 to February 4th 2024 Aether to Easel on-line Winter Exhibition.



Exhibitions 2023.

November 15th 2023 to January 20th 2024.HiveArts Winter Exhibition. HiveArts Blackpool

November 17th to November 19th Aether to Easel showing at Mind, Body, Spirit Festival.  Birmingham.

November 4th to February 4th 2024.  Aether to Easel on-line Winter Exhibition.

October 28th to November 8th. Aether to Easel show at Threaplands Garden Centre.

October 3rd to October 17th Everyman Theatre Gallery. Liverpool. Part of North West Artists Support Group Show. 'Summer Memories'

September 25th to October 9th. Hivearts Blackpool with Aspergillosis Trust.  'The Air That I Breathe' exhibition.

September 1st to September 3rd. Aether to Easel group show Aberdeen Art Fair.

August 4th to November 4th. Aether to Easel online 'Autumn' exhibition.

June 25th to August 5th. The Old Lock Up Gallery. Cromford, Derbyshire. 'Dara' Tree of Life Exhibition.

June 9th to June 11th. Clitheroe Arts Festival. Platform Gallery.

June 2nd to June 29th. North West Artist Support Group. Group show, Halton Lea Library.

May 4th to August 4th. Aether to Easel online exhibition. 'Summer'.

April 22nd to June 17th. D31 Gallery, Doncaster. Spring Exhibition. 'Transformation'.

February 8th to February 25th.  Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield. 'Fortune Teller'

February 5th to May 4th. Aether to Easel online exhibition. 'Spring'.

January 19th to April 1st. D31 Gallery, Doncaster. Winter Exhibition, 'Togetherness'.

January 7th to April 1st 2023.  Royal Cambrian Academy of Art,  Open Exhibition 2023.

Exhibitions 2022

December 7th to 21st 2022  Arteom Gallery virtual exhibition,  'Soul and Art'

November 4th 2022 to February 4th 2023. Aether to Easel online exhibition, 'Winter'

October 4th to 20th 2022.  Open Gallery,  Halifax.  'The Landscape' exhibition.

October 5th to November 5th 2022.  Cista Arts online exhibition.  Order, Purity, Simplicity, Spirituality.

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