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Lithical Travels

I have a deep regard and awe for the Standing stones that mark the landscape, whether singly or in groups, rows and circles. A reminder of how our ancestors shaped not only the landscape of the countryside but their inner landscape of being too. Seeking connections and understandings through places of significance by ritual. Searching for insight and spirit.  Ways to measure the skies and the events therein. Seeking concepts to describe what simply is. Perhaps these were even erected as a more permanent replacement to the sacred groves of trees that were hewn to cater for survival needs. That slippery slope to disconnect ones nature from the natural. For me these stones act as a way to focus on past or future.  To allow a far seeing of my own depths of connection to my own nature. To discover the balance that can be found by being true to my innate nature.  A calmness in solitude and acceptance.

This painting is currently hanging in the D31 Gallery ''Winter' exhibition in Doncaster

This painting is currently on display on line in the Aether to Easel. 5th Feb to 4th May

This painting is currently on exhibition with the D31 Gallery, Doncaster.

This painting is currently in an online exhibition with Aether to Easel

This painting is currently on exhibition with D31 Gallery, Doncaster

This painting i currently on exhibition with the RCA in Conwy

This painting is currently on exhibition  online with Aether to Easel.

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