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Just a polite reminder that all images here are of my own creations, as is this website. They are all subject to copyright and may not be used in any way without  prior consent being given by me, the artist, Helen Williams.

All efforts have been made to show the colours in these images as truely as possible but due to the nature of technology and our own human colour perceptions these may vary from the actual painting.

All paintings shown are for sale,  I currently do not use a shop facility as I want to offer a more personal experience to your purchase of one of these images.  To arrange a purchase or just to have a chat please e-mail me directly or call/text mobile no. 07999544099


All prices shown are for the painting only.  A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany it.  More details can be found under services.

Each collection has its own sub page, click on an image and be transported.  There is an accompanying part of my story to the creations.    Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or other method. Whether simply to share your thoughts and feelings evoked by any or all of these paintings or to make a purchase. 

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