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Blue Summer Skies

As you will see grasses are a great favourite in my paintings.  Not only do they offer a depth of perspective to the image, their use is an allegory for those quickly changing circumstances in life can often obscure the view of our nature.  There is a getting caught up in the rapid seeming escalation of feeling that circumstances are getting out of control. The burgeoning growth of anxiety that is of ones own response to the focus going to the small stuff.  The range of blues in nature and on my palette is always soothing to me and the cloud formations act as a reminder that things can always move on when allowed to evolve.  Water is an essential element to life in all its forms yet in its stillness it also acts as an aid to reflection. That things of the past have been survived.  The moon is a constant yet changing presence.  As she moves from phase to phase she offers much that often goes unseen.  Through the stories that come with each collection I shall share more of what she offers me.


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