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Flaming Indigo

This collection came to me after a long awaited concert. Ludovico Einaudi came to Manchester.  His music resonates with my own soul sound.  Just as his music allows space to breathe in so I offer that in my images.  As the lights dimmed there was a sense of all those busy, modern minds relaxing into the sounds and sensations of that simple, virtuoso, performance.  Within a week there was a need to restrict the palette to Indigo and Cadmium Orange.  My story of these is that of a spirituality that comes through the energy flow of life.  There is an ascribed colour to various areas of the body which through sitting and feeling one connects to that energy.  Often called Chakra points.  Orange is for the second chakra moving up through the body, its energy relates to emotion, sensuality, creativity and compassion, among other things.  For me and my sense of it theres an outer aspect to this use of colour.  An acceptance that though much may seem to be beyond my control, shown by the sweeping energetic orange skies, I can adapt to that by taking discerning actions.  That I can be balanced in my own behaviours towards that outer world in view. Indigo is the colour for the sixth chakra.  The place that's known for third eye seeing. Feeling and gaining insights beyond the human binocular vision.  That seeing, not only beyond but within too. Indigo in these images is that letting the headmind quieten.  Inviting a stilling of busy-ness and allowing the intuitive flow of heartmind to lead that balance.  The Indigo control of the added layered elements.

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