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'Making connections through art to heart'

Curated and created by the artist,  Helen Williams.

summer landscape with a small copse of Birches and rasses to the fore.

Latest up-date 017/02//2024. 

New paintings added to Flaming Indigo and Lithical Travels.

We all hear the modern buzz words of 'mindfulness' and 'meditation' and 'using the breath'.  Yet what is that really?

For me, its a sitting and suspending my thinking mind.  An allowing of the space within to be a blank canvas for heartfelt reflections and memories to come as they will.  For dreams, hopes and aspirations to uplift the spirit.

As an intuitive artist there is rarely any planning to a piece.  It's a letting go of control, to allow the painting to self create, to flow and develop in a timeless state without a narrative.  A spontaneous exploration of colour, form and spatial relationships with broad, energetic swooshes and strokes.  Palette knife daubs and stylised brush work, building layers that can be impressionist, surreal or semi abstract.  Taking a lifetime of inspirations from the natural world.

With each collection shown I offer my story, based on the insights that I can read from the symbolism in my view.  This will be my story that I have spent time getting to know.  You may discover your own story.  You can read more about my processes on the 'About' page.

Every picture is an invitation from my heart to yours.  A Helen manifested space in which to rest.   To stop, to take a breath, and step into a journey to a place of serenity and solitude.  To be as you need to be, to feel as you need to feel.

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To follow my journeyings you can view my works on instagram @helenzart2021. Alternatively you can ask to receive up dates by e-mail.

Whats Happening

There is a seemingly slowing as winter calls us to snuggle in, yet for me that isn't always the case.  I'm creating and considering, with heart lead intentions, where I feel I want my art practice to go in the next 12 months.  I sense that having exhibited in many exhibitions this year I would like to continue submissions and hope those are accepted, yet I would also like to start creating opportunities to reach further in person. To have a solo show and or perhaps a residency somewhere that fits my why of creating painted images.

I have some art works available to view at Goose Green Art Gallery in Altrincham.

Coming soon to Hivearts Blackpool. International Womans Day Exhibition. March 2024

Looking for something else

Laura Rainbow is a Zagreb based ceramicist, creating unique, hand built, hand glazed and alternatively fired ceramics.  Notably her 'Birds of Happiness' which are mainly 'Raku' fired.  She also opens her studio to students and experiences.

Click on her logo and link to her web site.   Instagram @artstudiolaurarainbow

Rebecca Findlay is a U.K. based pet portrait artist as well as an advocate for endangered species. find her on      Instagram @rebeccafindlayart

Nik Courtney is a U.K. based portrait artist, creating sensitive portraits with paint and squiggles.     Instagram  @nikcourtney.portraitartist

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