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When you think life is tough.

When you think that life is tough,

When you feel you've had enough,

Grab a brew and take a seat,

Take the weight off achy feet,

Gaze at me and drift.

Though you feel as cold as stone,

Hold your courage, you're not alone.

Hug your heart, a loved one's near,

Take a breath, shed a tear,

They offer strength to help you on your way.

I wrote this poem for a friend, who like us lost their child through a blood clot. Its never easy losing a loved one. Losing a child no matter what the circumstances is perhaps harder as we can see the lost potentials of who they may have become and the life they may have lived. Yet, I can celebrate having him in my life, though for too short a time. To have experienced his childhood laughter, seen him changing into the man he was becoming. An extraordinary person who was a joy to know, if somewhat exasperating at times, but aren't we all.

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