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Who are you? Weird or what?

The blogging guide recommends a 'catchy' title, yet as a 60 something ordinary woman, what I think is 'catchy' is very much subjective to all my experiences in those 60 plus years!

Algorithms will make of this what they will!

An introduction that is readily available on my website deals with the body, person life of Helen more than the spirit within. It's totally relevant and yet only part of my story.

Through this blog I intend to offer my varying perspectives. Ones that are experienced as different relationships and perspectives that surrendering to 'not needing to know' have offered.

That is not to say that curiosity doesn't get investigated and explored, and there is always plenty of self -inquiry being pondered upon. Observations of the world, past and present, that has effects on the scenery and landscape within, often without the brain and thinking mind knowing it.

The opening out of who and what I feel myself to be is to allow vulnerability, yet that is what I am being urged to do. That's weird... right? Yet as I sit, open of heart with centered mind of no mind, its intuitively offered. It scares me, and I have been putting it off for months, waiting for the moment to come when that fear is to be faced. That time is now, no one will die, no one can be harmed. These are simply words written with intent. an honest exploration with written words rather than the created images I paint. Those will perhaps inform these blog posts. So that is perhaps my 'wyrd'. Wyrd is to mean fate or destiny, whilst the common usage of weird is to mean strange or uncanny. or just plain odd and not fitting a category.

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