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Into the Mist

Would you care to walk with me,

Through the mist of hustle and bustle,

Into the past,

To who knows where.

We will take a path,

Less trodden than many,

See whats there, hidden,

To call to memory, that which rises unbidden.

For as we walk the mist seems to clear,

Yet that is simply illusory,

As our nearness to that which we innately are,

Parts the veil of striving and owning.

Allowing a being of air and light,

To clarify, gifted insight,

We are more than simple, human frailty.

Strong as Oak, resilient as the nature that we are bound to.

Bending, yet not breaking,

Tho, it often feels like we are.

Will you change with experiencing that walk in time,

Space to breathe.

Stay in the mist of busy and hurry,

Or rise to the clearing of past,

To at last,

Feel the free clean air of serenity.

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